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How did I plant a tree with my purchase?Updated 7 months ago

Thanks to our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, we plant a tree for every purchase you make, helping us remove carbon from the air and work towards a greener future!

How do trees help climate change?
Among many other benefits, trees produce oxygen, sequester carbon, and cool land. It is estimated that adding 2.2 billion acres of tree cover would capture two-thirds of man-made carbon emissions.
Where are you planting trees?
We are focusing our efforts in Madagascar, where only ten percent of the island's forests remain, and 75 percent of animal species do not live anywhere else on the planet, including eight species of endangered lemurs.
What kind of trees are you planting?
There are actually multiple types of trees needed to reforest Madagascar. One of the focuses is coastal mangrove trees in Northwest Madagascar. Mangroves provide stability against erosion and improve ocean and coral reef health.
What happens after the trees are planted?
Local villagers in impacted communities not only plant the trees but guard them to protect them while they mature. Agreements are also made with the government and community authorities to protect restoration sites.
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